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17 April 2030 @ 11:33 am

C o m m e n t  t o  b e  a d d e d

Please make absolutely sure that we have the same interests first.

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26 November 2010 @ 08:47 am
I'm not doing another friend's cut, but I am going to ask the people who still have ME listed as a friend even after I removed them, to remove me. It's pointless to hang on to people purely for the sake of numerical value. So, without further delay, will the following people please remove this journal from their friends list:


Any inquiries, leave a comment (all comments are screened). I am unlikely to answer them though.
03 October 2010 @ 06:40 pm
Friends Cut

Just a quick little bit of organising to get rid of dead-journals and such. This is not malicious in any way; I'm only doing this because I'm going to be ridiculously busy these next few months (and possibly beyond that aswell), so I think it's only fair to sort this out now, rather than to leave some of you hanging.

However, if you find that you've been cut and you're wondering why, it's because we've drifted apart. There's now such a large rift between us that I don't think I can fix it with the free time that I have.

Thank you for your friendship. It was immense. <3

If you've not been cut (which is the majority of my f-list), I promise to keep up with you guys as much as possible. I'll make time for you~ \o/ *shot*

Here, have this piece of awesome eitherway:

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Rather than have this entire entry be just a meme (LIKE 75% OF MY OTHER POSTS pffff), I'll just give a low-down on what's been going on these past 5 days:

- Job-hunting still! I will find something before Christmas, even if I have to work at McDonalds or something. *determined* Still sending in applications everywhere - hopefully I'll atleast land an interview within the next few weeks.
- Might be going to see Resident Evil afterlife with my BFF Shaneice soon - though we need to sort out an exact date otherwise WE'RE GOING TO MISS IT COMPLETELY.
- Going for some blood tests on the 8th of October after I finally managed to book an appointment with the doctor, who then booked me an appointment with the appropriate nurse. It's nothing serious, I've just been dizzy and lightheaded recently, that's all. At worst it's just Anemia, which my mother has.
- Oh yeah, I was in hospital on Tuesday morning after I woke up with severe abdominal pain, and coupled with the dizziness, my mam (who's a nurse herself) decided to take me to the Emergency Room instead of waiting for a docter's appointment. They gave me some strong painkillers and sent me on my way.
- Took part in one of those mass survays they only do once every 10 years on Wednesday - got £35 worth of shopping vouchers! *__*

Anyway, onto this meme! :D I'm currently working on an assignment for Biology on Cardiovascular Disease, and I'd really like to write some quick drabbles in between breaks.

(Stole this from haleysings)

The Great A-Z Multifandom Drabbling Meme!

This is how it works:

1. Pick a letter.
2. Pick a prompt that starts with that letter (ex. K is for Keyhole)
3. Pick a fandom (Resident Evil, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Naruto, Tekken, Durarara!!, Beyblade, The IT Crowd, Pokemon), a character/pairing and a rating.

Leave them in a comment and I'll write a drabble for you. No repeats in letter please~ And thanks for helping me out!

A - Anatomy - Part 1, Part 2, Naruto drabble (Kakashi/Sakura - rated M) for alice_hyuga
B - Birch, Naruto drabble (Kakashi/Sakura - rated K+) for eldrfire
C - Cross-dressing, Pokemon drabble (Jesse/James - rated T) for luf100
D - Dare, Durarara!! drabble (Izaya/Kida - rated PG) for ironside
E - Eschatology, Durarara!! drabble (Izaya/Namie - rated T) for sakuramacaron
F - Failure, Resident Evil drabble (Leon/Claire - rated T) for laurinny
G - Gallant, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Game-verse drabble (Dawn/Lucas - rated K+) for creativesmurph
H - Heinous, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Game-verse drabble (Cyrus - rated K+) for akumugan
I - Ice cream, Durarara!! drabble (Kida/Saki - rated PG) for koondy
J - Jealous - Part 1, Part 2, Beyblade drabble (Ray/Mariah - rated T) for mysticglowstik
K - Karaoke - Part 1, Part 2, Durarara!! drabble (Mikado/Kida - rated T) for kimyoryu
L - Leon (as in Kings of Leon) - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Naruto drabble (Kakashi/Sakura - rated T) for adistoria
M - Miscellaneous, Final Fantasy X drabble (Tidus/Yuna - rated PG) for princess
N - Nostalgia, Naruto drabble (Naruto/Sasuke - rated K+) for lickskillet
O - Ocean, Pokemon drabble (Misty - rated K) for serasaturn
P - Panic, Durarara!! drabble (Kida/Mikado - rated T) for pyro_tehphoenix
Q - Question - Part 1, Part 2, Naruto drabble (Kakashi/Sakura - rated T) for nari_lightning
R - Rivalry, Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Game-verse drabble (Silver/Kotone - rated PG) for phoenix089
S - Strawberries - Part 1, Part 2, Durarara!! drabble (Kida/Mikado - rated T) for kimyoryu
T - Tremble, Naruto drabble (Sasuke/Sakura - rated K+) for laurinny
U - Unexpected - Part 1, Part 2, Durarara!! drabble (Izaya/Namie - rated PG) for owe
V - Victory, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Game-verse drabble (Jun/Hikari - rated PG) for elycien_xiii
W - Water, Natuto drabble (Kakashi/Sakura - rated PG) for bluerising
X - Xenogenesis, Naruto drabble (Kakashi/Sakura - rated T) for ultravilent
Y - Yore - Part 1, Part 2, Naruto drabble (Itachi/Sakura, rated T) for weirdwig
Z - Zenith, Naruto drabble (Kakashi/Sakura - rated PG) for shinebunny

I'll start writing as soon as I see your comment - I'm trying to discipline myself into becoming more prolific.
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04 June 2010 @ 05:44 pm

Over the the next half an hour or so I'll be taking a metaphorical knife to my f-list to weed out dead journals/inactive commenters/people I can't remember etc.

If you're interested in seeing whether or not you 'made the cut', then you can:

a.) Look back on my previous entries, which are f-locked. If you can't see them, then it was nothing personal.
b.) I'll be making the 'friend of' list on my profile page visible, and if you don't see yourself on the main list, THEN IT WAS NOTHING PERSONAL.

Once again (incase you didn't catch it) if you were cut:


It's just that I'm trying to comment to my f-list regularly, and for some people I find this difficult. Despite the fact that we both made sure we had similar interests before adding one another, we don't keep in touch as much as I'd have liked. This also works in REVERSE; you can remove me from your list if you'd like, no questions asked.

Speaking of keeping in touch, I'll also be doing something similar to my MSN contacts list, where I remove people that I haven't seen online/can't remember who they are/don't want to talk to etc. The only exception to this will be my irl friends, whom I shall always keep close. *shot*

If you're interested in adding me on MSN, then my address is: S-5th-ninth-993-S@hotmail.com. It'd be awesome if we kept in touch regardless of LJ.

Status: OFFLINE.
01 May 2010 @ 04:12 pm

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